Spark of Hope Foundation proudly presents stories of hope. Here you
will find the inspiration and courage by children faced with a myriad of challenges. Through your commitment and donation, together we can enrich these children's lives and help them reach their full potential.

Hailey Howard

Hailey started having seizures at 6 months old and was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy shortly thereafter. The condition causes anywhere from sudden involuntary muscle movement to a brief loss of awareness. Hailey experienced about two to three seizures a week, but recently she underwent neurosurgery performed to remove the affected focal seizure area on the right side of her brain. The outcome was a significant decrease in seizure severity and frequency, however the surgery slightly weakened her left side, but now with weekly therapy she has shown much improvement.

The family has been trying to raise $15,000 to buy a specially trained seizure alert dog. With generous donations from Spark of Hope, friends, family and other private interests they were able to secure her four legged "wonder dog".

Trey Lane

At the age of two, Trey was diagnosed with a life threatening genetic disorder known as mucopolysaccharidosis IV or MPS IV, which makes it very difficult for his body to rebuild bone and tissue mass. While there is no cure or treatment for MPS IV, as of just last week, Trey is now part of Phase III of the Clinical Trials for his disorder. He and his mother will fly to and from Oakland, CA every Thursday for the next year to receive a five hour infusion therapy in hopes that these trials will help his organs and bones extend his life expectancy beyond his original diagnosis - May not live past the age of 15 and will not grow more than 4 feet 7 inches.

Spark of Hope raised $15,000 for the Lane family to help finance Trey’s treatments in 2008. To learn more about his disorder or get an update on his status please visit his personal blog at

​Olivia Hoffman

At 27 months Olivia was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), a rare inherited disease, where the body lacks an enzyme in the blood cell​. ​Without this enzyme, sulfates are NOT broken down properly and cause destruction to the body, especially in the brain. The disease causes severe breakdown in communication between the nerves system and the brain resulting in a progressive loss of physical and cognitive skills leading to early death. There is no cure yet, but with increasing research there is hope!​

​In less than a year, this rare, terminal disorder caused Olivia to go from a healthy, smiling, bright-eyed little girl to a child who could no longer control any movement, talk, eat (she’s fed through a feeding tube), see, or even smile. The Spark of Hope Foundation raised $25,000 at the Second Annual Bowl for Hope fundraising event held on March 19, 2005. The proceeds from this event benefited metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) research and charities. Proceeds also allowed Olivia’s family to purchase her special equipment, including a chair that allowed to her to be fed, sit up, be mobile, and have an overall greater quality of life.​